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Thin Shell Concrete

Thin shell concrete (TSC) roofs and shelters were originally designed by Dr. Albert Knott and Dr. George Nez as a solution to providing quality, low cost and easily constructed shelter to people displaced by poverty, war or disaster, and as an affordable alternative for high quality roofing. iCATIS has used TSC in both projects and workshops. TSC has already been implemented in the Birambye Lodge project, and the summer 2011 workshop series at the CATIS-Mexico Institute had a week-long workshop on thin shell concrete.

Advantages to TSC roofs:

  • Can be built quickly and easily by unskilled labor
  • Lowest total cost for materials and labor
  • More durable than conventional construction
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Only hand tools are required: no production companies, no factories, no large equipment and no formwork. You don’t even need electricity.
  • Can be assembled on ground without scaffolding and later hoisted into place.
  • Start work before walls are even done or top off existing repairable walls quickly.
  • Can be laterally braced and supported on poles thus relieving wall loading and allowing for any local wall materials to be used.
  • Low impact on natural resources.

Need TSC roofs in your area?

  • Does your community need an open community gathering location?
  • Are your kitchens clouded with smoke and need a more open space with low polluting stove alternatives?
  • Does your community or organization need a rapid solution to housing, such as following disasters?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above, please contact iCATIS to learn more: info@icatis.org.  iCATIS TSC roofs are a great solution for any community gather center.  TSC roofs can also be rapidly installed and provide the essential roof protection from the elements following a disaster, enabling locals to build piecemeal and as funds permit.